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YPT Youth Protection training

All adults, parents and guardians are required to take Youth Protection Training (YPT). It must be retaken every 2 years. 

1) Go to:

2) Log-in. DO NOT create a new account

3) Click on "BSA Learning Center" square on the right side

4) Click on the YPT link

5) Take the YPT module training.

6) Print the certificate and send to the Committee Chair

Board of Review Sample Questions

Sample questions to ask at a Scout BOR. All Scouts should know Oath, Law, Motto Slogan and Outdoor code. For rank specific questions go the following website:

How to become a Merit Badge Counselor

Look through the current merit badges available on . Decide which badges you would be interested in helping a scout accomplish. You are not required to do the work or teach the badge. The scout is supposed to do all the work and prove to you that he has accomplished the tasks. You may give suggestions and ideas about how to accomplish the requirements. Some require specific training, but most do not.

All Merit Badge Counselors MUST:


Take the BSA Merit Badge Training courses:

1) Go to:

2) Log-in. DO NOT create a new account use the same account and password you use for YPT.

3) Scroll down and click on "BSA Learning Center" square on the right side

4) Scroll down and click "VISIT" under the Scouts BSA banner

5) Click "Enroll" under the Merit Badge Counselor banner and the courses will be available.

6) Take the courses listed:

You do NOT have to do all the modules in one sitting. Take them as you have time. You can come back between modules to complete the full program.

Fill out and sign the following forms:

Make sure your YPT is up-to-date


When you have all these elements, gather them together and give them to the Committee Chair to submit.

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